"Dakota Feeds the World" / by Altman Studeny

She is this season the bright particular star in the agricultural firmament – the sparkler whose brilliancy makes every other star pale and wan and diminished in luster – the only one which can rank as of the first magnitude.

She comes out from behind the clouds which at one time or another in its history have obscured every other star, and now beams her attractions throughout the sky.

It will need no almanac nor astronomical chart to locate South Dakota hereafter – she’ll stick out so luminously prominent that no man can turn his gaze upward or outward without seeing her.

And now let every resident turn astrologer and induce the people of the east and west and the north and the south to accept the opportunity to get directly under denignant influence of this luck winner – this star of the empire.

It shines for all – under its rays the homeseekers of a whole continent may come.

Say to them as Emerson said: “Hitch your wagon to a star”– and while you’re hitching, pick out the dandiest blazer in the firmament – Sigma Delta in the new northwest constellation.

- Sioux Falls Press, The State Feels Proud as a Turkey Cock Over the Agricultural Outlook of 1882