"Our Daily Bread 1"
 As an inquiry into human interaction with the landscape, “Without Land” presents artifacts and documentation of walks taken by participants to the edge of The Wild according their interpretation of that concept and, at the conclusion of the exhibition, a new group of participants returned all natural materials to the sites of their collection, closing the loop of “Leave No Trace” and allowing two strangers to share in another’s sense of sublime nature in a direct and profound way.  Collaboration with the students of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology exploring the rural-urban fringe within ten miles of Rapid City, South Dakota. Spring 2018.  Interview with South Dakota Public Broadcasting concerning this project archived  here .
 Sixty-six soil samples collected from each of South Dakota's counties, symbolically intermingled and returned to each site of collection with a bur oak tree growing in it. Enacted with the assistance of the South Dakota Arts Council in honor of the State's 125th anniversary of Statehood. 2014.
Place Capsule: "Infinite Variety"
Untitled ("Held Bird 2")